We Are Stars And Dust

I have an oral presentation due tomrrow and was brain storming ideas on how to get everything done on time… this is what we have so far.

Poetry for when you feel too big to feel beautiful


Fat Poem - Victory

10 Honest Thoughts About Being Loved By A Skinny boy - Rachel Wiley

The Body Is Not An Apology - Sonya Renee

Fat Bottomed Girls - Kim Selling

Fat Girl Blues - Maya Osborne

Big Girl Poem - Vuyelwa Maluleke

Pro Ana - Sierra DeMulder

Anorexia - Janani

Fat Guy - David Silverberg

Fat Man Dancing - Jared Singer

To This Day - Shane Koyczan

Fat - FabulouslyFeminist

Fat Nerd Manifesto - Daniel Mark Patterson

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I thought I had a test today and waited until I had half an hour to learn the material and complete the quiz before it all closed down. With only 27 minutes to complete my work realised that I do not have a test today…
I was procrastinating for a test that doesn’t even exist. 
I have hit an all time low.

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Yes, it’s very nice that you told them to stop complaining about me behind my back and they stopped doing it around you. 

No, that does not mean they are forgiven and I want to spend time with them.

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For the longest time I was unsure how to spell elliptical so I just used the term cross trainer.
I literally changed my entire vocabulary to make it sound less strange that I was using one word from the UK when I was writing. I started to get into British programmes and use the UK spelling instead of the American and now I say things like “fringe”, “rubber” and “cuppa” to which I get a lot of funny looks from my family.
My entire style of writing was changed for years and it even impacted my ability to communicate with my family just because I didn’t know how to spell one word.

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sorry sir, we don’t have the facilities for a cat scan, but we can certainly get you a lab report

This was such a cool story though!

A few scientists had to teach these dogs how to lay perfectly still for half an hour so they could record the reactions to different sounds. These are freaking good dogs and better have gotten lots of pats and cookies for this.

The entire study was compairing the reactions both humans and dogs have to sound. (A few different sounds such as an infant crying or someone shouting were played for the humans and dogs.)
What they found was so cool! The dogs had similar if not even more strong reactions to these recordings. The way their brains worked and the reactions to distress and comfort when compaired to a humans at a neurological level was remarkable.

You guys should all read the article.
I found it this morning on the BBC news app for my phone but I’m sure someone will add a link too.

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